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        1. Services for the Household Chemicals & Personal Care Industry
          Growing at a faster pace than the global market, China's household chemicals industry is becoming full-fledged, calling for  more sub-categories and functions of consumer goods. This attracts more exceptional foreign brands from sub-categories to enter the domestic market. 
          Statistics show that the market size of China's household chemicals industry in 2021 registered a year-on-year growth of 8.9%. In particular, the household cleaning segment witnessed a significant growth rate. 
          The COVID-19 outbreak has accelerated the online consumption of imported products . The personal care segment has witnessed an increasing demand for home cleaning products and higher requirements for newly released products. 
          But at the same time, the pandemic has also led to factory shutdowns and insufficient production capacity along the supply chain, among other difficulties faced by many foreign brands. 
          If these foreign brands conduct the final processing, assembly and other operations of their goods in a China's free trade zone, they will be able to meet the production schedule, and ensure stable output and timely delivery . 
          Top Ideal provides one-stop cross-border supply chain solutions for clients engaged in the imports of household chemicals and personal care products, and offers refined services with multiple steps to ensure timely and fast customs clearance and delivery to factories nationwide. 
          Services and Advantages
          • Fast entry of compliant goods: A total of over 
            20 ports nationwide are linked to Top Ideal's system, which enables access to port declaration with one click, and fast customs clearance for cargos. 
          • Real-time monitoring to ensure order fulfillment
            The full-link monitoring system ensures visible monitoring at every stage and guarantees order fulfillment. 
          • Various transportation solutions to ensure timeliness
            More than 200 domestic transportation routes, coupled with transportation solutions for special categories, guarantee an on-time delivery rate of up to 90%. 
          • Diverse value-added processing services in the bonded zone
            We can meet the diverse needs of all product categories, such as assembly, labeling, code spraying, repackaging, plastic sealing and source tracing, and ensure flexible product circulation in the domestic market or international distribution.
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