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        1. Services for the Fruit and Frozen Meat Industry
          The import of fresh products such as fruits and frozen meat features multiple steps and high costs. Their perishable nature also requires high timeliness. 
          Affected by policy, social environment, technological development and other factors, China has a complicated market for imported frozen food. 
          In addition to the strict entry conditions and complicated import and export customs clearance, China has imposed stricter control over food imports since the COVID-19 outbreak, which has somewhat extended the time required for customs clearance. 
          As the cold chain logistics grows, the size of China's frozen food industry is also expanding. The investments in community-level cold storage, refrigerated trucks and other equipment have fueled the further development of China's cold chain. 
          Top Ideal provides clients in the fruit and frozen meat industry with professional one-stop import services of customs clearance, storage, and shipping for frozen food, guatantees timely customs clearance and lowers supply chain costs, so that fruit and frozen food can enter China without worry. 
          Services and Advantages
          • Fast customs clearance for compliant goods access
            We judge the entry conditions of goods in advance, pre-examine the materials, and enable compliant entry with quick license application. 
          • Great inspection efficiency with a minimum one-day clearance
            Dedicated staff are responsible for the main ports (Nansha/Huangpu), coordinate bill of lading switching/inspection, and enable seamless customs clearance and goods pickups. 
          • Fast transportation frozen containers with closed-loop emergency mechanism
            Goods can be picked up and delivered on the same day of clearance, and professional staff are arranged to handle emergencies such as vehicle breakdown  to ensure on-time delivery without compromising goods quality. 
          • Nansha's superior location and high operation capacity of the new warehouse
            Located less than 100 km from the frozen goods distribution center, the Nansha cold storage warehouse boasts a total of 54 operating platforms, providing loading and unloading, freezing, and value-added services.
          Contact our team of experts
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          • 10F, No.983,Huangpu Ave. E. ,Huangpu District, Guangzhou
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